Simplify Login and Permission Management

Give your application a modern user experience for login and account management as well as fine-grained access control. Works just as well for your existing applications as for those you build with Roboten.


Why Roboten IAM

Up and Running in Minutes—Not in Weeks

Just drop a code snippet into your application, whether it's an existing one or one you build with Roboten, to add authentication or authorization or both. Customize it to your needs with Roboten IAM.

Secure by Design

Sleep well at night. With Roboten IAM you have a secure and scalable solution developed by experts in the field.

Great User Experience

The login box is the front door to your application. It sets customers’ expectations. Roboten IAM offers a modern-looking, hassle-free user experience.

Configuration Instead of Coding

Roboten IAM’s low-code approach allows product and security teams to make changes when needed by simply changing the configuration.

Works with Any Application

Roboten IAM can be used with existing and new applications whether you have developed them with Roboten or otherwise.

Use Roboten IAM’s built-in authentication or bring your own:

No more handovers

Make your designs come to life without having to involve developers. No more meetings where you explain your idea for someone else to realize, you can do it yourself.

Work closer to the end-user

With less dependecies on developers you will have better control over the end-user experience. Move fast and iterate, test and optimize freely.


Create a Welcoming Modern Front Door to Your Application—without Compromising on Security

Login box

Give your costumers a hassle-free sign in experience with ready-made login box

Enterprise single sign-on

Using SAML or Open ID Connect allow your users to sign in just once and access all of your applications seamlessly

Social login

Let customers login with their accounts at Apple, Google, Facebook or another third party

Passwordless Login

Relieve customers from having to remember passwords. Send a one-time password (OTP) via SMS or email. Or send an email with a magic link that logs the customer in if used once within a short predetermined time.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Increase your customers’ security by allowing them to log in using multi-factor authentication.

Adaptive authenthication

Strengthen login security with adaptive security measures, such as requiring MFA or displaying a captcha when a customer logs in from a new device, location, or other risk factors.


Easily Define Advanced Policies for Fine-Grained Access Control of Your Application

Policy Editor

Specify access policies in our user-friendly policy editor. Just check boxes.

Permissions Management

Assign access policies to an individual user, a group of users, and users with a role (RBAC). You can create hierarchical groups and roles.

Zero Trust Applications

Build your application with the Zero Trust information security model. Deny all access by default. Check authorization on every single request.

Audit Policies and Decisions

Review each decision to allow or deny a user permission and how it was reached. Use it for troubleshooting and optimization.

Product Team Builds User and Permission Management—Developers Customize It

Build with Low-Code

The low-code approach of Roboten IAM makes it easy for your product and security teams to create and deploy the solution that best suits their needs for managing users and permissions.

Roboten IAM offers ready-made solutions for signup, login, user profiles, account management, permission management, and more.

Customize Anything

Roboten IAM is built with the API-First approach. Developers have access to all the APIs, allowing them to customize any part to fit your needs and desires.

Developers can replace Robot IAM’s ready-made solutions with custom ones without worrying about the underlying logic.


Scale to Millions

A snappy user interface with a short response time is one of the most critical factors for a good user experience. We focus on delivering the highest performance no matter how many users you have.

Configuring Instead of Coding

Roboten IAM’s low-code approach allows non-programmers to make changes when needed by simply changing the configuration.

Customer Self-Service

The modern user wants to create an account quickly, reset the password, fill in and update the profile, manage and revoke consent and delete the account. All without the need to contact your organization and ask for help. All of this is made possible by Roboten IAM.

Audit Logs

Let Roboten IAM log when customers log in, change settings, and other events. Review and export logs at any time.

Security and Compliance Built-in

We believe that privacy is essential and must be taken seriously. That's why we are committed to keeping your identity information secure and handling it by EU, US, and UK regulations, rules, and best practices.

ISO 27001
L1 compliant

Premade Building Blocks—Ready to Use

You find off-the-shelf solutions for signup, login, user profiles, account and permission management, and anything else you need to hit the ground running at the marketplace.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to lnstall Roboten IAM?

No, Roboten IAM itself is Software as a Service. It is fully hosted and maintained in the cloud by us. You don't have to do anything. lf you wanl to use our JavaScript SDK. provided for, your convenience, you need to install it and update it from time to lime. That can easily be done wilh standard tools such as NPM

What login methods do you support?

Roboten IAM supports conventional password login, one-time password (OTP) login, time-based one-time password (TOTP) login, passwordless login, social login via Apple, Google, Facebook, Linkedin and others, and single sign-on (SSO) for enterprises with SAML or OpenID Connect.

Do you support two-factor authorization (2FA) and multi-factor authorization (MFA)?

Yes, you can request users to identify themselves with two or more factors, such as conventional login, social media login, or single sign-on login plus one-time­ password sent by SMS or email, or one-time password generated by mobile app.

Is the number of users limited?

No there is no limit to users you can have with Roboten IAM. Just choose the right package or contact us if you need even more. The free version of Roboten IAM allows 100 organizations, each with up to 10 users.

Does Roboten IAM support my programming language?

Roboten IAM provide a REST API independent of your programming language of choice. If you happen to program in JavaScript (or TrueScript, for that matter) we offer an SDK that wrappes the REST API calls for your convenience

Does Roboten IAM support my framework?

Roboten IAM works fine with any framework. Roboten IAM has a REST API which you can communicate within any framework. If you use React or Express, you can also use our SDKs which puts a thin layer of convenience wrappers around the REST API calls.

Must my app communicate with the Roboten IAM at every authorization decision?

No- The authorization policy and necessary data transferred to your app and stored in its memory so that all decisions can be made without further access to Roboten IAM.

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Our vision for Roboten IAM

Many designers and developers find this whole thing with authentication and authorization rather difficult. They couldn't be more wrong, but they don't know it. So for their sake, and for anyone who knows that this is not their area of expertise and realizes that it is better left to the experts, we have developed Roboten IAM.

But Roboten IAM is not like any other IAM/CIAM software. It is designed to fit into our vision of how application software should be designed and developed.

We believe that an amazing app requires both an outstanding user experience and great technology. We are convinced that the two things are inseparable. You can't make good technology first and then try to shoehorn in usability or vice versa. Both things must be done as a concerted effort. This applies not least to the processes of signup and login or the tools for users to manage "My Account· and for administrators to manage users and permissions.

Therefore, we want to give designers and developers the tools to co-create apps. All designers may not be skilled developers, nor may all developers be artistic designers. The tool must therefore enable designers and developers to do what they do best while making it easy for others to follow and contribute. This is particularly true of IAM, which must balance conflicting demands for excellent user experience with demanding requirements for security and privacy.

In our view, the solution is a low-code development platform (LCDP). That is a development environment that allows designers and developers to co-create apps by visually laying out the app's user interface using pre-built building blocks, which at most requires some configuration. Roboten IAM is one such low-code development platform dedicated to identity and access management

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