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Visually automate and integrate anything with help of workflows.
They can power your apps—business processes—or integrate your SaaS tools.


Works with your tools and platforms

Make Your Apps Smarter—Automate with Our Workflow Editor

Business Logic without Code

All your business logic can be defined without any code. Create triggers that start a workflow when something happens. The workflow can then read and process data, make decisions, take actions and write data elsewhere.

Visual Way to Create Workflows

An iPaaS with RPA designed for everyone. Flow allows you to easily create complex workflows through a simple visual designer. Use workflows to extend or add new functionality to your existing applications.

Build Event-Driven Apps

Workflows can be triggered when an event happens in your app, making it easy to build event-driven apps. You can also schedule workflows or trigger other workflows from inside a workflow.

Power your apps with low-code workflows

Your Software Engineer Team Has Too Many Things on Their Plate Right Now

We are here to help. Flow enables non-developers to build, iterate and publish complex workflows that they need—easily and quickly. This frees developers to focus on the core code and avoid repetitive coding and maintenance work.

Save time and energy for your entire team and enable them to work faster and better together.

Make Work More Efficient—Automate Repetitive Tasks and Get Things Done

Automate Your Business

Eliminate busywork and automate repetitive tasks using workflows and focus on what’s truly important. All business processes are visualized, making them easy to implement and understandable for anyone.

Trigger Workflow Actions

Trigger actions when something important happens. Just create a workflow to send an email or a Slack message as soon as you get an order or something is updated in your CRM.

Apps Work Better Together

Flow will connect the apps your love to use, so your business process flows even smoother.

Connect your services
and automate your business without coding

Integrate Any App Using Open Connectors

Use One of the Existing Connectors

Connectors allow your workflows to interact with anything that can communicate over the internet. Use one of the hundreds of existing connectors and combine the apps you love.

Easily Build Your Own Connector

Didn’t find the connector you are looking for? Don’t worry, our easy-to-use and powerful connector editor lets you create your own. Extend or create new connectors in no time without coding.

Marketplace with Ready-To-Use Connectors and Workflows—Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

The marketplace contains hundreds of connectors (integrations) ready to be used. Find a connector, workflow template, or data query that solves your business need and activate it with a click.


All Your Workflows in One Place

Flow lets you build, run and manage your workflows in one central place. It doesn’t matter if the workflow powers your app or is used to connect external systems. Flow can also be deployed in any way you like, regardless if it’s using our hosting, in the cloud or on-premise.

Business Logic for Your SaaS

Add business logic to your apps or use Flow to integrate other services for external functionality, such as sending emails.

Integrations for Your Marketing

Integrate and automate your marketing tools. Build workflows covering several systems or move data easily between systems.

Drip Campaigns
User acquisition
Automate Your HR

Integrate and automate your HR tools. Build workflows for onboarding or hiring new team members.

Automate Your Sales

Integrate and automate your sales tools. Build workflows for your sales process and never lose a lead again.

Email  automatisation
Lead management
CRM integration
Accelerate Your IT Response

Automate your IT support and help them find and resolve problems faster and better.

Helpdesk    automatisation
End-user support
Cloud  management

Flow Is Your Digital Transformation

Digital transformation allows companies and organizations to use digital solutions to reshape their processes to promote innovation, creativity, and long-term growth.

Our focus on empowering non-developers to digitalize their work will enable you to digitalize faster and smarter.

You Need to See It
to Believe It


Host Easily and Scale Infinitely

Flow provides fast and hassle-free hosting that is ready to scale with you.

Let us take care of the hosting

Host your apps on Netlify, Cloudfront or Vercel with the click of a button.

Host it yourself

You can freely set up hosting yourself and integrate with any vendor of your choice.

No lock-in

We want to provide freedom and have worked hard to not lock you in or decide what you should use.


Built-in Authentication

Most common authentication mechanisms are supported out of the box - making it easy to integrate. But you know what?
You can even add your own auth method.

Export Connectors

Build once - run everywhere! Connectors that you have built for Flow can be exported and used elsewhere - for example on other iPaaS platforms such as Zapier.

Integrate APIs and Databases

Build integrations easily no matter if you want to connect to an existing API or directly to a database. We have a growing library of connectors - powered by a coummunity of integration developers like you.

Transform Data

Once you have an integration and start to retrieve data you can use built in functionality to transform the data so it matches the target system.

Secure and private

There are many rules and regulations concerning security and privacy of users. AppStudio makes it easy to follow best practices.

Audit logs
Encryption of sensitive data
Make compliant applications
Role-based access control

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a callable and a triggerable workflow?

A callable workflow can be thought of as a function that you can call when you need it. It specifies what input parameters it requires in order to run, and you can call a published workflow either directly using the Workflow API or by using the Flow connector. By extension, this means that you can call a workflow from within a workflow, something that might come in handy when you want to split up complex business processes into more manageable pieces.

A triggerable workflow, on the other hand, is run when some specific event happens. Connectors expose triggers and a workflow allows you to configure which connector trigger should run the workflow in question. The workflow engine makes sure published and enabled workflows listen to the correct event types and executes them when they occur.

What integrations (connectors to data sources) do you support?

We support a growing number of connectors to common SaaS applications such as Google Drive, Google Docs, Salesforce, Shopify, Stripe, and others. If you’re missing an integration, it’s easy to add your own using our connector builder and share in on Marketplace for others to use.

Can I work with a data source (API or database) that doesn’t have a connector?

Absolutely. If you cannot find the connector you need, you have several options:
If your data source is available over HTTP you can use our universal HTTP connector to make most types of HTTP requests.
If the service you’re interacting with is behind a GraphQL API, you can even use our universal GraphQL connector for a more seamless experience.If your data source is in fact an SQL database, you can use our PostgreSQL, MySQL or MSSQL connectors to interface directly with your database.

If your data source requires some other type of connection, you can build a connector for it using our connector builder and share it on Marketplace for others to use, thereby extending the already growing library of connectors and make it easier and easier for yourself and others to interact with external systems.

Can I share a workflow I have made?

Absolutely! Flow uses Roboten Marketplace which allows users to both find and share workflows and connectors. This means that everyone will reap the benefits of the work others put into building workflows and connectors, while also allowing everyone to extend and modify published workflows and connectors to perfectly fit their specific needs.

Are my credentials secure?

Flow uses IaC Secrets to encrypt and store secrets. IaC Secrets in turn uses a secrets manager to store credentials in the best possible way. At the time of writing IaC Secrets store credentials is a per-customer instance of AWS Secrets Manager.

I’ve built a connector - how can others use it?

The easiest way to let others use it is by sharing it on Marketplace. If you’ve built a connector that requires app-based auth (such as OAuth), you decide upon publishing whether your connector-level credentials could be used by others, or if you require them to register their own OAuth app before they can use the connector in question.

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Why We're Building Flow

Software code is often hidden from plain sight and cannot easily be influenced or modified by non-developers. This is a problem as code is everywhere. It powers your apps and it powers your business.

Workflows are visual representations of code. With workflows we want to empower everyone to define and implement code, and thus being able to visualise, influence and audit the business processes that affect us all.

Code can run everywhere and we're working hard to allow you to run your workflows in just as many places. Currently our focus is on letting you power your own apps with workflows and connecting the SaaS tools you use so that you can liberate all data and knowledge confined in them, but with time and effort, we'll allow you to leverage the power of workflows for even more scenarios.

With Flow we want to drastically expand who can contribute to application development, who can integrate products and who can automate workplace tasks.

If these ideas resonate with you too, then come join our team!

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