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Build scalable backends the same way you create a spreadsheet—with built-in security, enterprise-grade authorization, and an instantly generated API.

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Why Roboten BaaS

DevOps for Everyone

Anyone who can build a spreadsheet with macros will have no problem maintaining a highly available and performant backend service. Get started in 30 seconds.

Top Performance

Host on Roboten’s highly available no-hassle cloud or deploy to many hosting options—from managed cloud accounts to on-prem deployment.

Infinitely Scalable

Backends deployed with serverless business logic using managed database setups for infinite scalability across the globe.

Generate a Backend for Your App With Just a Click

Blazing Fast Data Modeling Using Templates

Create data models as spreadsheets, either from scratch or by using predefined templates that define common entities such as user, address, invoice, etc. All this without having to think about indexing and query performance.

Update Models with Confidence

Use our spreadsheet-like editor to update the structure of your data model without having to worry about breaking apps or clients that depend on it. Spin up a dev environment in seconds and test out your changes before you safely publish them to production.

Multiple Ways to Query Your Data

Besides interacting with your data through the BaaS editor, our publishing pipeline can quickly generate standards-compliant REST and GraphQL-based APIs. It can also generate Flow-based connectors that allow you to interact with it in Flow and AppStudio immediately.

Edit Spreadsheet—Not Code

Its as Easy as Editing a Spreadsheet

Work with your data and restructure your models as if you were editing a spreadsheet. Editing, filtering, grouping, sorting, and searching are available at your fingertips. View your data as a table, Gantt chart, timeline, or Kanban board—everything needed to showcase your data in the best way possible.

Add Business Logic with Workflows

Add business logic and automation to your backends by adding workflows or old-style code to your data models. BaaS ships with the extensive Flow workflow editor available right from within BaaS and allows you to automate and integrate with external services through our growing library of connectors.

Data Modeling Deluxe

Build your models with all types of fields you’d expect—from simple numbers and strings to dates, attachments, and code functions. Also, treat your data with the respect it deserves with the built-in support for field-level encryption, hashing, masking data, marking data as PII for redaction, and more.

No more handovers

Make your designs come to life without having to involve developers. No more meetings where you explain your idea for someone else to realize, you can do it yourself.

Work closer to the end-user

With less dependecies on developers you will have better control over the end-user experience. Move fast and iterate, test and optimize freely.

Features for Your Apps

Publish your backend with just a click and get a highly performant PostgreSQL database cluster with GraphQL and REST APIs, enterprise-grade authentication, and robust file storage in seconds - everything you need to launch your app in record time. No hosting vendor lock-in. Truly cloud-agnostic. Works in the cloud, locally, or on-prem.

Multiple API types

Define your data models and publish GraphQL or REST APIs as well as Flow based connectors.


Bootstrap your backend quickly using ready-made templates for a wide range of data entities and app types.


Define granular security policies and keep your users’ data safe according to the most stringent standards.

File Storage

Go beyond the database by using the built-in file storage. Attach files to your tables and have them stored on disk.

Serverless Functions

Write custom backend code or add business logic through workflows with proper logs and error handling.


Add user accounts with IAM and benefit from features such as social logins, 2FA, and user and device mgmt.

Audit Logs

Get detailed audit logs and have full visibility into what data is accessed, by whom, and how.

Local Dev Environments

Easily replicate your production environment any number of times for local development with full data access.

Compliant and Secure

BaaS uses the highest compliance and security measures so you can focus on your data and your app’s functionality.

Empower Your Teams to Work Better Together

Business and Product Teams

Don’t do specifications and handovers. With BaaS, you have the tools and safeguards to design and implement the data models, and all the business processes your app needs.


Focus on the work matters and forget about managing specs and writing scaffolding code. With BaaS, you can focus on building any custom logic that truly adds unique value to your app.

Premade Building Blocks to Get Started Quickly

Launch quickly by picking ready-made data models, deployment configurations, integrations and more from Roboten Marketplace.

Easy Hosting by Roboten or
Deployment to Your Own Cloud Account

Create data models as spreadsheets, either from scratch or by using predefined templates that define common entities such as user, address, invoice, etc. All this without having to think about indexing and query performance.

Host Easily and Scale Infinitely

BaaS provides fast and hassle-free hosting that is ready to scale with you.

Let Us Take Care of the Hosting

Host your apps on AWS, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure with the click of a button.

Host It Yourself

You can freely set up hosting yourself and integrate with any vendor of your choice.

No Lock-in

We want to provide freedom and have worked hard to not lock you in or decide what you should use.

Blazing Fast Data Modeling Using Templates

Create data models as spreadsheets, either from scratch or by using predefined templates that define common entities such as user, address, invoice, etc. All this without having to think about indexing and query performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between BaaS and Airtable?

While BaaS and Airtable share many similarities when it comes to functionality and ease of use, BaaS can be used for building scalable and publicly available backends which means it supports things such as multiple environments, a publishing pipeline so as not to accidentally break API consumers, granular identity management and the ability to deploy the generated backend to a wide range of hosting setups.

Can i migrate my existing data into BaaS?

Yes. BaaS includes a visual migration tool for a wide range of source databases that allows you to generate data models identical to the ones in your source database and then transfer all data to your BaaS backend. This is the recommended approach as full deployment access to the underlying database allows BaaS to configure it optimally. If your source database is a PostgreSQL database, then an alternative approach is to use BaaS on top of it which will eliminate the need to move any data.

How fast can i generate a backend?

With BaaS you will be able to generate an infinitely scalable backend in a matter of minutes. Design your data models as you would structure a spreadsheet and hit Publish and your backend is created and published in seconds.

Will my generated backend be compliant and secure?

BaaS backends are built to follow the latest best practices and regulations such as GDPR and others out of the box. The underlying databases are configured for maximum security and data integrity. In BaaS you have granular control over sensitive data with the possibility of masking, encrypting, hashing, and many other options. For maximum security, you also have the possibility to publish your backend services to single-tenant dedicated cloud accounts or to your own on-prem infrastructure.

Can I have a development and production environment for my backend?

Absolutely. BaaS allows you to create as many isolated environments as you’d like with just a click and replicate data across them. This allows you to safely test breaking changes with confidence before deploying to production.

I have millions of visits a day... Can BaaS handle the traffic?

Absolutely. BaaS was designed to handle traffic scenarios from small hobby projects to highly available and highly performant enterprise-grade backends that scale to a global audience. BaaS is serverless by nature and can automatically scale both vertically and horizontally to handle any type of workload.

Is it true that with BaaS there is no vendor lock-in

The BaaS editor itself has a very generous free tier that allows you to publish any type of backend configuration. When it comes to hosting the configured backend, you can choose to either host your backend on Roboten’s built-in no-hassle cloud or to generate native deployments for a wide range of cloud setups, or prepare your backend for on-prem deployment - all in a transparent and auditable way.

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Why We’re Building BaaS

A backend has traditionally been the part of a SaaS application that has required the most amount of plumbing to get even the simplest of functionality out. It doesn’t matter if your cloud vendor abstracts away most of the physical resources such as servers, CPU, and RAM. You still need to understand and configure VPCs, API gateways, caches, queues, instance sizes, encryption, availability zones, authentication, authorization, resolvers, lambdas ... and the list goes on and on and on.

With BaaS you get to focus on the sole items that matter - your data and your business logic. We take care of the rest - you don’t even have to think about it - unless you want to. The magic of BaaS is that you get to decide what you want to administer - from nothing to essentially everything.

BaaS is a backend platform that you can use to confidently deploy highly-scalable and performant backends, while at the same time making it dead simple to work with your data and add necessary business logic. It’s fully modular and allows you to either go with the built-in defaults (always fanatically in-line with best practices) or tweak them to your specific requirements.

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