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AppStudio is a platform with all the building blocks to visually build fully-fledged modern, responsive, and beautiful SaaS frontends or internal apps with 10X development speed, scaling to millions.


United Product Teams

Designers design the end product using an editor similar to tools such as Figma, Adobe XD Sketch etc. But they do it using real working components and with real dynamic content to build the final product. Developers support designers by providing all parts the designer needs, such as components, data connections, and queries.

Go-to-Market in No Time

Build, deploy and scale remarkably fast. AppStudio provides all the tools you need. An improved development life cycle also lets everyone on the team do what they do best. Your company can now finish your products and push them to market faster than ever.

Works with your tools and platforms:

Empowering designers to design the end-product without code

Empowering Designers to Design the
End-Product without Code

No more handovers

Make your designs come to life without having to involve developers. No more meetings where you explain your idea for someone else to realize, you can do it yourself.

Work closer to the end-user

With less dependecies on developers you will have better control over the end-user experience. Move fast and iterate, test and optimize freely.

Innovate, Build and Optimize Together

AppStudio’s declarative approach to building apps around the biggest problem in development today: time-consuming implementation of design ideas. No more pixel-pushing or endless mockups. Developers build components, queries and connectors that designers use in their design.

Making life easier and more fun for developers

Making Life Easier and More Fun for Developers

Integrate Anything, Anywhere

AppStudio enables you to work seamlessly with all of your data sources in one app. Create your integrations, use pre-built integrations or bring existing integrations into AppStudio.

A Complete Set of Building Blocks for Your App

You can build a fully functional SaaS application, internal tools, a headless CMS, and more using the building blocks we have provided you. Use ready-made React components, views, queries, and connectors and assemble your product in no time.


You Need to See It
to Believe It


Imagine an app and Appstudio lets you build it

AppStudio will speed up your time-to-market and let you build a secure and future-proof app to solve any challenge you have at hand.

Imagine an App and AppStudio Lets You Build It

Host Easily and Scale Indefinitely

AppStudio provides fast and hassle-free hosting that's ready to scale with you.

Let Us Take Care of the Hosting

Host your apps on Netlify, Cloudfront or Vercel with click of a button.

Host It Yourself

You can freely set up hosting yourself and integrate with any vendor of your choice.

No Lock-In

We want to provide freedom and have worked hard not to lock you in or decide what you should use.


Build Fast Apps

Speed is a feature. Your code is optimized for high performance, and our mission is to give you the fastest apps possible.

Export to JavaScript with React

You own your code. So AppStudio allows you to export standards-compliant code to modify and use wherever you like.

Connect Components to Data

No more lorem ipsum and dummy data. Connect data queries to components and immediately bring them to life with real data.

Responsive Design

Create responsive designs for your apps that work on desktops, tablets, and mobile. Deliver an excellent experience for all users.

Secure and private

There are many rules and regulations concerning security and privacy of users. AppStudio makes it easy to follow best practices.

Audit logs
Encryption of sensitive data
Make compliant applications
Role-based access control

Frequently Asked Questions

Could you explain: “design with code”

AppStudio uses code components as design elements, allowing designers to design the end-product as if they were wireframing or designing in their favorite tool.

Do I need a hosting service?

No. Roboten comes with a built-in hosting service that you can use. We also enable you to choose and host yourself. Roboten integrates with Netlify, AWS CloudFront, and Vercel. You can use your account and publish with them. Roboten also enables you to host in any environment with a React runtime, meaning on your local machine.

What can I build with AppStudio?

AppStudio is intended for SaaS self-service applications, internal applications, backoffice, and modern web applications. This is where AppStudio differentiates itself from website builders that typically focus on commercial websites that are public facing.

I see that Roboten offers a backend builder application, do we need to build our backend at Roboten?

No, AppStudio is a standalone application that allows you to integrate with any API, database, or backend, whether it’s built by you, other external services, or by us.

Will the application I build be mobile friendly?

Yes, AppStudio has been built with web and mobile in mind and allows any application to be responsive to mobile devices.

Will my application scale?

Yes, the application you build with AppStudio is intended to scale to millions of users.

Still have questions? Email us at

You Need to See It
to Believe It


The Vision Behind AppStudio

We created AppStudio because we firmly believe that we have to reimagine the traditional roles in app development fundamentally.

Designers create detailed mockups and wireframes only to compromise on the visual appearance to ensure that the applications work as intended.

Developers must perform repetitive and time-consuming tasks such as building already invented components, inserting data into views, pixel-pushing, etc. over and over again.

We believe these things need to change. Designers should be empowered to design the end product directly. Developers should only focus on coding functionality.

We strive to enable anyone to build an application and allow designers and developers to control and focus on what they do best while working together in the same tool.

Be Part of the Low-Code Revolution

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